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Having a good dentist for your own needs is one thing, but having a dentist that your whole family can enjoy is very important. At Vaca & Kirby, we take pride in being able to serve members of your entire family with a wide variety of services. From cleanings to fillings, we've got your family covered.

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Simply fixing your teeth is sometimes just half the battle. We use a wide variety of methods to ensure that your teeth and smile are as beautiful as possible. Do away with metal fillings and begin a path to a new smile with whitening, reshaping and many other cosmetic procedures.

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Do you snore? Do you wake up with a headache in the morning? You may be suffering from Sleep Apnea Disorder. This is a very common sleep disorder that affects many people, and can easily be treated. See our dentists today to learn more about the treatment options available to you.

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Welcome to Vaca & Kirby Dental Group. We are passionate about our patients and the pursuit of excellent dental care for you. Your experience will begin with our committed office staff that will facilitate the ease of appointment setting, insurance confirmation and future appointment setting strategies. Our hygienists have over 35 years of combined experience and they are dedicated to providing you with beautifully cleaned teeth in a comfortable and soothing environment along with our clinical team that directly assist Drs. Vaca and Kirby. They are all committed to providing you and your family with a great dental experience and continued exceptional dental care.


This philosophy begins with Dr. Vaca and Dr. Kirby who believe in total care for their patients in a professional and compassionate method. As a result of the total patient care concept, our dental group covers a variety of areas related to dentistry.



Vaca & Kirby Dental Group understands how important it is to have a dental practice that can meet all of the needs of your family. We know that is about more than just getting twice yearly check-ups. Even that can be complicated if you have to go to various dentist because some dentist only see children or some don’t do pediatric dentistry at all. We also know that dental health services are not just about your teeth. Your teeth are part of your image, part of your exterior appearance and therefore affect how you feel about yourself, which is why we are so dedicated to cosmetic dentistry. Part of our total patient care commitment involves your comfort when you are in the office which is one reason we offer sedation dentistry in our office. Another aspect of total patient care is through our advancement in sleep apnea treatments, which affects our patients at home but can often be treated by our dentist through some simple treatment in our office.


Dr. Vaca has received extensive training in an exclusive program that focuses on the specialty of cosmetic dentistry at the Pacific Aesthetic Continuum-Live. He specializes in laser and cosmetic dentistry and travels around the country teaching the techniques associated with these types of procedures. Dr. Kirby has been awarded one of the highest honors that can be earned by a dental professional; he was named to the Fellow of International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is also working on the advancement of restorative dentistry that is on the leading edge of scientific development in the dental industry. With Dr. Vaca’s and Dr. Kirby’s commitment to their patients, their dedication to being on the leading edge of the industry and their focus on the specialized areas listed above, you can trust your complete dental care to the team at Vaca & Kirby Dental Group.